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Where Every Frame Tells Your Story

Expertly Crafted Videos That Engage, Inspire, and Convert!

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Our mission is to empower each of our clients to tell their story with authenticity and impact. We strive to transform their visions through our innovative video production services, fostering meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.


Our dedication to artistic excellence, collaborative creation, and technological advancement ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations. We are committed to making every frame counts in the quest to set new standards in visual storytelling.

Shooting video

Words from Our Own Clients

A personal testimonial from our client Miriam Perlacio, Founder of Little Bites Catering discussing the importance and impact of professional photography and videography, especially in the context of social media.

Video Camera
Video Editing Keyboard

Personalized Engagement

Dive into a video production journey where you're in the director's chair. Studio 495 prides itself on a client-centric approach that adapts to your distinct needs and vision. We're not just creating videos; we're crafting experiences that mirror your ambition and engage your audience on a deeper level. With us, your voice leads the narrative.

Customized Videos

Here, your brand's story is sacred. We delve deep into what makes you unique, crafting videos that resonate with your ethos and engage your audience on a profound level. Our commitment is to create not just content, but conversation pieces that amplify your brand's voice and forge a lasting connection with your viewers.

Hassle-Free Process

Where complexity meets innovation. Our intuitive online platform demystifies the video production process, making it accessible and manageable for you. From the initial brainstorm to the final frame, we shoulder the complexities of production, providing you with a clear path to realize your vision while you continue to excel in your business.

Expert Guidance

At Studio 495, your creative aspirations are nurtured by our team of seasoned professionals. We offer a guiding hand through the intricate maze of video production, infused with expert advice tailored to your project's needs. With us, you gain a collaborative partner dedicated to the art of visual storytelling, ensuring your project takes flight successfully.

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We offer a wide range of video production services, including corporate videos, product demos, event coverage, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help bring your vision to life.

Video Editing Timeline

Full Service Video

Turn your ideas into engaging videos. We handle everything from scripting to post-production.

Drawing a Storyboard


Expert scriptwriting and detailed storyboarding to lay the groundwork for impactful videos.

Filming Services

Professional Video production services led by our top filmmakers & expert craftsmanship. 

Camera for filming TV show


With expert editing, sound design, and visual effects, we ensure a polished final product.

Post Production Station
Camera Lens

Online Media Packages

Consistently deliver high-quality, brand-focused content each month for your online platforms.

Photography Reflector Lamp

Professional Photography

Capture stunning high-quality images that showcase your brand's story and essence.


Vinette B, Dir. of External Relations

Genesys Works DC

"Wow, Edgar. I think this is your best video for us yet. Great job! You guys are amazing! It's always a pleasure working with you."

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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